Meet the Team:

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  • John Chew
  • Nick Savage
  • Mike Walden
  • Mark Pugliese
  • Chrissy Lindorff
  • Peter Milne
John Chew Nick Savage Mike Walden Mark Pugliese Chrissy Lindorff Peter Milne
Grade 1 Instructor
Grade 1 Instructor
Grade 1 Instructor
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About US

Fly Cirrus is a new and exciting establishment based at Moorabbin Airport specializing in Cirrus Aircraft. Offering Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) courses with its highly experienced flight Instructors who have met the requirements and certified by a specialist Cirrus instructor direct from the factory. The instructors (who operate through MFS and Bini Advanced Flight Training) are a mandatory part of the package when purchasing a Cirrus and are highly recommended for all things Cirrus. Especially for your ongoing training. Training with us can also lower your insurance!

Here are some of the courses our instructors offer:
  • Endorsement and transition training
  • Garmin G1000 perspective training
  • Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS) training
  • IFR renewal and refresher training
  • Flight Level's familiarisation

    Why Us

    Flying a Cirrus aircraft is one of the most glamorous ways to fly and regarded by all an absolute joy to command. But being one of the most advanced GA aircrafts today, its systems especially do require some appreciation. So Fly Cirrus has taken this responsibility on board with its instructors to offer Cirrus training and courses, to make you not only more knowledgeable but making oneself a better airman. And doing it in a way that's exciting and stress-free. Fly Cirrus is owned by a doctor and a family man who flies himself to treat patients regionally around Victoria, so he understands the importance of flying and aircraft ownership whatever your reason may be. With this approach mixes his professional and family attributes in establishing a company that strives for excellence and quality and without breaking the bank. This provides for a positive atmosphere with both employees and customers where customer service and safety always will be non-negotiable.

    ABN: 5629 677 489 1