SR22 Turbo


$240ex dry $350ex wet

Four seats ..very smart inside and out.

4 Seats
Avidyne Entegra Flight Max Glass panel
Dual Garmin 430 ADSB safe taxi
Advanced training aircraft and hire
Continental IO-360-Es engine
Max structural cruising 165 kts
Basic weight 958 kg
MTOW 1361 kg

Minimum experience requirements:
PPL and 100 hrs TT, 90 day currency on type, Current certificate from a CSIP

Cost : $240 + GST dry (Flight Switch) + operational charges.


$365ex dry $515ex wet

Cirrus Perspective G1000 by Garmin
5 Seat Leather interior
FIKI Anti-ice
Basic weight 1159 kg
MTOW 1542 kg
Sat weather and phone, oxygen
180kts 10,000 & 200kts 20,000

Minimum experience requirements:
250 Hours Total Time, 20 Hours on type, or 200 hours with IFR, current certificate from CSIP Currency on type 90 days

Cost: $365 + GST Dry (Flight Switch), + operational charges.

All prices listed are GST exclusive.
Add 10% GST
Fuel purchased outside of Moorabbin will incur a differential charge above local rates.
Landing fees and Air Navigation charges will be billed separately (except Moorabbin)
Sat Phone and Oxygen used will incur additional costs.
ANR Headsets are available for hire, as are life jackets.


Aircraft: SVS EPG
WET Rates: $350 $515
TAS: 140 - 150 kts 175 kts
(200 kt above 10,000')
  • Avidyne Entegra glass cockpit
  • S-Tech 55x Autopilot
  • Dual Garmin 430 GPS
  • Safe Taxi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garmin Perspective with
  • Synthetic Vision & Safe Taxi
  • Built in Oxygen
  • DME, ADF
  • Skywatch TCAS
  • TKS Flight known ice
  • Stormscope
  • Sat Weather
  • Sat Phone
  • Engine:
  • Continental IO-360 ES
  • 200 HP
  • Continental IO-550
  • 315 HP Turbo
  • Bookings/Availability: SVS click here EPG click here

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