Looking for a charter?

Fly Cirrus, through Kirkhope Aviation - one of Melbourne's leading charter companies - will soon be providing specialist freight and charter services for medical supplies, equipment and personal. It is important that anything relating to the medical and health industry is provided satisfactory to the highest standards to any city centre and regional town. For Passenger and Freight Charters Need to get somewhere or send an important package? Want to do it fast, comfortable and cost efficient?

Kirkhope Aviation, Melbourne's South East specialist catering in private and corporate aviation charters as well as Outback Australia Air Tours are the ones that Fly Cirrus recommend for all passenger and freight charters. Chartering an aircraft can cut down the time of travel and save you money in the long run. With Kirkhope Aviation you can fly in comfort and style where service and safety always will be non-negotiable. So give us a call and see how we can benefit your travel needs today. MORE DETAILS COMING SOON

In the mean time, please contact Mark for any Freight enquiries,

0413 785 382