We have three qualified Cirrus instructors available.
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Mike Walden Nick Savage John Chew
Get Started: Required Documents

Some of the requirements for obtaining a pilots licence are - to hold an ASIC, have an ARN and also pass your medical.
Below are the downloadable forms which can also be found on the CASA website.
It is a good idea to get these forms filled out and sent away as soon as you can to prevent any delays with your licence and going solo!

Downloads: Click the yellow text below to open
ARN: Aviation Reference Number ARN Application
ASIC: Aviation Security Identity Card ASIC Application

Medical: Your medical will need to be booked in with a Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME).
For a list of medical examiners in Victoria, please follow the link: DAME Vic

Which Medical do I need?
If you are just starting to learn how to fly, you will only require a Class 2 Medical which covers you for your Private Licence (PPL).
In order to hold a Commercial Licence (CPL), you will be required to hold a Class 1 medical which only lasts a year.
If your intentions are to complete your CPL, it can be a good idea to complete your Class 1 just to make sure you will pass it and there are no issues.

Medical Overview:
Class 1 Valid: 1 year
This medical standard applies to holders of an Air Transport Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence (other than balloons), Multi-crew Pilot (aeroplane) Licence, Flight Engineer Licence or Student Flight Engineer Licence.
Class 2 Valid: 4 years if under 40 yrs old, 2 if over.
This medical applies to holders of a Student Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot (Balloon) Licence and Flight Radio Operator Licence.
Class 3 Valid: 3 years This medical standard applies to holders of an Air Traffic Control Licence or and Flight Service Officers.
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What is a CSIP and how do I get one?

CSIP: Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program

In order to fly the plane solo, you need to complete a Cirrus Certificate with one of the designated instructors.
The Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program (CSIP) certificate demonstrates your proficiency and ability to fly solo in a Cirrus aircraft.
The program is designed to keep Cirrus Pilots at their best with the aircraft.

If you are interested in completing the course, please contact one of the above instructors.

Click on the image below to view a sample of the required certificate: